PROFESSIONAL - Industrial and professional greenhouse

Professional greenhouse is built from 10 mm thick panels (multiwall lexan sheet) exhibiting the following features:

  • excellent thermal insulation (U = 3.1 W/m 2 K, the same as thermopan glass 4-12-4), which enables large energy savings and temperature control inside the greenhouse;
  • UV impermeability, which allows the growth of crops throughout the year;
  • Weathering resistance : wind, rain, snow, hail ;
  • long service life - a ten-year warranty;
  • High light transmission - 81% during the period of exploitation, loss of light transparency only 2% in 10 years;
  • condensation resistant - prevents droplets destroy part of the yield ;
  • ventilation control ;
  • simple and easy installation;
  • modularity – possible expanding over time;
  • suitable for growing flowers and vegetable crops;
  • rich yield throughout the year regardless of weather conditions;
  • exceptionally cost effective
Industrijski profesionalni plastenik


  • Width: 6.4 m
  • Hight: 4.2 m to the ridge
  • Length: as customer requests – module is 2.1 m

HOBBY Greenhouse

The greenhouse is intended for home cultivation of flowers or vegetable crops and is made of Makrolon polycarbonate multiwall panels (lexan panels) thickness of 4.5 or 6mm.

Industrijski profesionalni plastenik


  • Width: 3m
  • Hight: 2.1m
  • Length: as customer requests – module is 2.1m
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