SKYDOMES As a part of roofing systems skydomes are a perfect solution for spaces where significant amounts of daylight and ventilation are needed and, in special cases, they are a natural way to exhaust smoke and heat generated by fire. By saving the energy for lighting , ventilation and air-conditioning they considerably contribute to the energy efficiency of the whole building.

They are ideal solutions for industrial facilities, warehouses, workshops, and supermarkets, commercial and administrative buildings.

Excellent design solutions and high quality materials and mechanisms guarantee reliable operation, high light transmission and excellent thermal insulation.

Polymers Group offers expert help in choosing the appropriate type, static and thermal analysis as well as professional installation and service.

Among others, our skydomes are on the premises of FIAT (300 pcs), Mercator, Johnson Control, Bricolage, Rudnap, GPC Zemun i Novi Sad, Milsped, Metro Cash & Carry ...


Energetski efikasne
Koeficijent prolaza toplote
U < 1.5 W/m2K

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SKYDOME ELEMENTS Design features and materials:

  1. Skydome shell
    • Acrylic glass/ polycarbonate
    • Single-layer, double-layer, triple-layer
    • thermoformed or flat,
    • UV stable and weather resistant
    • colors: opal white, transparent ...
  2. 3 types of opening mechanisms
    • mechanical, electrical and pneumatic CO 2
    • with or without a connection to the fire system
  3. aluminum frame
    • for opening dome models
    • structurally connected to PVC-silicon coating for better fitting and sealing to an upstand
    • stainless steel connecting elements and hinges
  4. 3 upstand heights
    • available heights of 15, 30 and 50cm
    • rectangular, square or circular base shape
    • mountable directly to the roof structure
    • fiberglass reinforced polyester with PU thermo-insulation
    • specially reinforced for opening position frame connections

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Polymers skydomes are available in 80 different dimensions and shapes. Upstand base can be rectangular, square or circular. Basic dimensions that define the skydome are "light measure" O, "building measure" K and " upstand height" H.

Svetlosna kupola presek
Svetlosna kupola detalj

UV stability – shells are made from UV stable material known European manufacturers, given that the property provide a guarantee of 10 years.

Statics/System payload – complete system of light domes is a static calculation confirmed and tested through many tests.

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10 years

10 years warranty against yellowing, breakage and loss of light transmittance

SKYDOME OPENING Skydomes for ventilation and/or smoke exhaust

Ventilation dome – a part of a structure passive temperature and air quality control system; manual or electronic operation, mostly driven by 230 V electromotor.

Smoke exhausting dome – a part of a facility fire protection system, exhausts smoke and heat and prevents life losses due to suffocation as well as occurrence of “flush-overs”; the drive can be independent or automatically regulated and connected to other fire control systems through operating center; opened by pneumatic actuators or electromotor of 24V; for effective smoke exhaust the opening angle must be more than 120° (SRPS EN 12101-2:2008) – this is achieved by means of special highly reliable and durable kinematics mechanisms.


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Ventilation dome
Ventilation dome
Smoke exhausting dome
Smoke exhausting dome
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